Enclosures in attractive designs give customers a feeling of high quality and will encourage them to use your self-service car washes. The wide range of design options available allow you to stand out from your local competitors. In addition, striking colours, advertising signs, accessories and extras can be used to create an individual stamp. As many elements as you like can be arranged next to each other.

Stand Alone Design

Auto Wash Design

Combined Design


Different Solutions

An ample space where water, vehicle and user play the leading role. Solid but modern-looking structures which are completely adaptable to suit your personal taste. Unique for their intelligent use of space, offering maximum comfort in the wash. And above all, versatile, for the many possibilities they offer for the layout of the wash facility.

Modular Structures:
tick.gifJet Washes with various bays
tick.gifJet Washes with control room
tick.gifRollover/Wash tunnel with various bays
tick.gifRollover/Wash tunnel with control room
tick.gifMixed set-ups (Jet Washes and rollovers/tunnels)

Enclosure Range:
- MA Range - For Vacuums: 4.3m (L) x 4.5m (W)
- MB Range - For Jet Washes: 5.35m (L) x 4.5m or 4.8m (W)
- MC Range - For Jet Washes: 6.4m (L) x 4.5m or 4.8m (W)
- MP Range - For Rollovers and Tunnels: 9.6m (L) x 4.5m or 4.8m (W)