A coin, token, or an optional note acceptor system consisting of various washing & drying functions will provide your customers with an easy, convenient, low cost way to wash their dogs clean. Best of all, the CKNZ Dog Wash requires virtually no maintenance.

Sit Back & Profit!

Many operations wash an average of 50-60 dogs each week. Each wash generates an average spend of $10.50 but costs you only $1.10.


CKNZ can provide you with a customised financial model showing you how payback on this investment is achievable in as little as 8 months.




7 Wash Functions

tick.gifWash Bay Disinfectant
Silky Shampoo Wash
Soft Conditioner Wash
Fresh & Clean Rinse
Flea Eradicator
Blow Dry
Turbo Blow Dry
Pause Button

Advanced Features

Full Stainless Steel Construction
Compact Modular Design
Modern Colourful Graphics
Available in “HIS” and “HERS”
Built-in Water Heater System
Multifunction LCD Display
Low Time Audible Warning
Built-in Note Acceptor (option)
7 Wash Bay Functions + Pause

Advanced Security

Theft Proof Triple Locking System
Separate Lockable Doors
Vandal Resistant Construction
Removable Water & Dryer Hose
Shatter Proof Splash Screen
Internal Lock Safe for added security
and protection of your cash & profits!

An Investors Best Friend

The CKNZ Dog Wash can function as a completely 'stand alone' operation or integrated into your existing car wash, service station, pet store and anywhere dog lovers visit.

Hundreds of Dog Wash systems are successfully operating throughout New Zealand, Europe, the U.S and Australia.