Manage your profits with these easy to use programs

The CKNZ Group offer several administrative tools and equipment to help you manage your profits. We recommend you contact your local CKNZ Representative to discuss your Remote Management requirements in further detail.




Washtec SMS-D Remote Diagnostics System

Wireless Data Communication
The car wash communicates via an onboard wireless communications modem capable of providing data on machine diagnostics and wash analysis statistics.

Remote Diagnostics System
Complete machine diagnostics including error codes, service requirements, are monitored and reported promptly by the car wash machine to the CKNZ Central Service Control Centre automatically. Diagnostics messages can also be displayed at the operator console on-site or on-call engineers via pager or SMS.

Leading Edge Technology
Leading edge technology provides remote wireless data on machine status within seconds of the event, for efficient and effective service response.

Data Collection System - Profit Manager Option
The Profit Manager is a powerful programmed designed to collect all required data from the car wash including Wash Counts, Wash Sales, Machine Status and Performance History, to provide a convenient analysis and reporting system.




Silent Partner Remote Management System

The Silent Partner System is an Australian-manufactured, multi-site system suitable for data collection and revenue analysis. The system's features & benefits include:

Remote Multi-site Data Communication
The Silent Partner System communicates to a remote PC and is capable of providing data on wash numbers & revenue for multiple on-site equipment including the monitoring of: Automatic Car Wash Systems, Self Serve car wash, Vacuums product vending units and even Note Changing Machines.

Accurate Reconciliation
Now all vehicle wash related facilities and equipment, can be reconciled against POS revenue transactions to allow for accurate, "live" reporting with the ability to pin point discrepancies for greater control. The Silent Partner System will accurately track cash transactions through coin operated systems, reducing the risks of pilferage and cash shortages.

Wireless Multi-site Technology
The Silent Partner System provides remote wireless data communication "live" to a remote PC via a modem, for 'up-to-the-minute' revenue statistics from multiple site locations.

Various Data Reporting Functions
The Silent Partner is capable of providing statistics and information in various types of reporting options, these include: Automatic Washes by each wash program, Daily Reports, Averages, Breakdown Reporting, Report Summaries, and even reports by Products. These are all available to view and print by day, week and even year to date.



CK Abacus

iWASH Software:
Built on internet technology, Abacus iWASH will allow you to capture and report on use of your self service car wash. As a coin is placed in a coin mechanism, Abacus iWASH automatically records the bay that it wash in use, time and date of transaction and the value of the transaction. This will enable you to access a number of reports ranging from how much money has been collected right through to a trend analysis of use. Oversee your site from where ever you are!

Captures the time & date of every coin that has passed through a coin mechanism
Once this data has been captured, any number of reports can be developed including financial, peak periods, forecasting etc.
Assist in the justification of council permits/applications
Potential to reference Bureau of Meteorology for sites using forecasting
Paves the way for remote monitoring and site manager monitoring Web based - work from home!



Codax Activation System

The Codax Activation System is a sophisticated car wash point-of-sale system, yet very simple for staff to operate.

The system consists of a console unit for issuing PIN code wash tickets to customers, and an entrance keypad for validating use of the car wash.

The Codax Activation System represents state-of-the-art technology designed & developed in the UK. It is used by many global companies, and is specifically designed for complete control with the ability to monitor audit trails.

Easy to use for all your customers
Step by step instructions on-screen display at wash entrance
Purchased tickets can be set for validity up to 30 days
Full Audit capabilities and History tracking
Completely secure and accountable
Records Transactions for numerous different wash programs
Can be integrated with other equipment on site e.g. Vacuums etc.
End of Shift Sales Reports
Month End Reports
Annual & Life Reports
Optional remote resetting / restarting Optional Voice greeting & Instructions for Access Stand at wash entrance

Detailed Reporting Features include:
Transactions and totals for each wash program
Sales & total sales for each wash program
Transactions for other site equipment (integrated with Codax)
Sales for other site equipment (integrated with Codax)

System Components:

The compact Codax Point-of-Sale Terminal incorporates a fully functional keypad for accessing menus, system set-up, sales & reports. The unit comes complete with an in-built printer to issue PIN tickets and produce informative & detailed reports.

Sleek and compact, the Codax Access Terminal located at the wash entrance is simple in design for ease-of-use by your customers. As an option, the access terminal can also by set up with a fully programmable voice module to give greetings and instructions to your customers.

Additional Access Terminals can be integrated into other equipment on your site for alternative payment methods for your customers and greater control over other equipment / service sales.