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Car Kleen Water Recycling System

The smart way to save.


Exclusive to Car Kleen, the Car KleenWater Recycling system is suitable for many vehicle wash applications including: SofTecs Automatics, Touchfree Systems, Tunnel and Conveyor Systems as well as Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems.

Produces 240 litres of Recycled Water per minute.


  • Full stainless steel construction

  • Integrated fresh and recycling tanks

  • IP65 waterproof PLC control cabinet

  • User friendly display interface

  • Electronic PH monitoring

  • Automatic chemical injection dosing

  • Electronic conductivity monitoring to reduce water spotting

  • Automatic filtration back flush

  • Submersible water transfer pump

  • Fresh water and recycled wash water pumps

  • Re-circulation mode to control bacteria during low use periods

  • Water quality can be tailored by varying filter media

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