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EasyWash Automatic

Compact on the outside. Generous on the inside.

Easywash Banner.jpg

The EasyWash comes in a number of design variants, lighting and display elements you can use to design your vehicle wash system. Select one of of WashTec's appealing designs or adapt your system in colour and motif to suite your brand.


  • SofTecs brushes - gentle to paintwork

  • Wheel wash brushes

  • Outline controlled rotatable roof drier

  • Side driers

  • The EasyWash can wash approximately 10 - 12 vehicles per hour

  • Slim external dimensions - 7.75m suffice for washing a vehicle 5m in length

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Perfect washing and drying results

  • Number of design variants to suit your wash site!

View the EasyWash in action below!



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