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SoftCare CombiWash

The future in high pressure washing.

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The CombiWash (SoftCare² Pro Touchless) has 2 possible versions: A pure touch free system or a combined system with SofTecs.
The CombiWash is the perfect machine for everyone looking to position their washing business in the top quality segment. The combination of effective high-pressure and SofTecs brush washing makes exceptional results possible, which customers with high quality expectations are prepared to pay extra for.


  • SofTecs brushes - gentle to paintwork

  • Outstanding wash results

  • Brush wash and touch less options

  • Ultimate high-pressure system

  • The CombiWash is ideal for over 1,200 washes per month

  • FlexStream - the roof drier for highly efficient drying of all vehicle areas

  • High sales potential - special functions justify higher prices

  • Turbo nozzles - for an intensive pre-clean with a powerful high pressure jet

  • Give your customers added choice

View the CombiWash in action below!



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