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SoftCare Evo Automatic

A modern design wash system packed with features.

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The SoftCare Evo has been specially designed to meet the requirements of vehicle showrooms, repair workshops and small service stations. This rollover system incorporates washing technology for cost-conscious operators, who expect perfect results. It works very cost-efficiently thanks to low operating costs, minimum maintenance requirements and a high level of reliability. It is also ideally suited for the shortest of wash bays.


  • SofTecs brushes - gentle to paintwork

  • Wheel wash brushes

  • Cost-optimised operation

  • Excellent wash results every time 

  • The SoftCare Evo can wash approximately 700 vehicles a month

  • Inside wash width of 2.40m with an outside dimension of only 3.46m

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Integral roof and side driers

  • Number of design variants to suit your wash site!

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