SoftCare²  Pro Touchless

Powerful high-pressure cleaning technology.

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The SoftCare² Pro Touchless is the pure touchfree version of the CombiWash, providing a gentle, yet effective high pressure car wash. The powerful TurboNozzle technology reaches all areas of the vehicle with ease. Windscreen wipers, mirrors, number plates, spoilers and roof edges pose no problem for the powerful spot spray nozzles. The added 360° rotation of the FlexStream roof nozzles, permits optimum cleaning angles never before seen!


  • High effective chemical pre-wash

  • Outstanding wash results

  • Maintenance friendly technology

  • Ultimate high-pressure system

  • The SoftCare² Pro Touchless is ideal for over 1,200 washes per month

  • 360° Rotating FlexStream for effective high pressure and efficient drying

  • High sales potential - special functions justify higher prices

  • Turbo nozzles ensure powerful high-pressure cleaning

  • Give your customers the touchless experience

View the SoftCare² Pro Touchless in action below!

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