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WashMaster Self Service System

The tailor-made solution for wash bays.

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With a WashMaster, you can profitably use your spare spaces to achieve additional turnover. Even small areas are enough to be able to offer your customers the additional service of a WashMaster. Stainless steel housing of the WashMaster contains all the components for the operations of up to 6 different washing programs: shampoo, wax, fresh water and osmosis water with the high-pressure nozzle, foam with the brush.


  • Operate up to 6 different wash programmes: minimum installation work thanks to integrated frost protection circuit

  • Convenience for customers due to simple operation

  • Programs are selected via 6 buttons - It is possible to switch between programs at any time during operation

  • LED display shows customers the value inserted and the remaining value

  • Operation with coins and tokens via the electronic coin tester

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