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About Car Kleen

Innovation is the path created by leaders.

Car Kleen New Zealand is the authorised distributor of WashTec Automatic Vehicle Wash Equipment and Mark VII Self Serve and Touchless Equipment, the world’s leading vehicle wash manufacturers, for the New Zealand market. Car Kleen is also the distributor for Fragramatics Vacuum Systems.

We have made it our business to know vehicle washing better than anyone else. With over 30 years experience in vehicle wash systems in New Zealand and Internationally, Car Kleen has developed a truly unique and innovative approach to client solutions.

With fully qualified field engineers and service centres across New Zealand, Car Kleen has become the foremost choice for leading networks and independent investors ranging from major oil companies, fleet operators through to motor vehicle dealerships, independent service station operators and private investors.

By approaching each client’s business needs in an individual sense and treating all clients as a business partner, we customise solutions to ensure their success regardless of how big or small their business. Through the introduction of breakthrough technology and accurate service support, Car Kleen has aided a new level of professionalism and quality standards which are reflected in our expanding network of successful clients giving them peace of mind.

As your “one stop shop”, we supply and install all equipment, biodegradable chemicals and consumables. With our national rapid response team on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week, you’ll always be ready to wash.

Meet the Car Kleen partners:

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