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SoftCare Automatic Vehicle Washes

View our extensive range of WashTec automatic vehicle wash machines below! 

EasyWash Automatic

easywash 2.jpg

The EasyWash is the perfect level entry machine. Slim and compact on the outside, roomy on the inside and also suitable for wide vehicles. With SofTecs gentle to paintwork brushes, special wheel wash brushes, foam and high pressure to satisfy the basic requirements of a good car wash. 


SoftCare Evo

The SoftCare Evo is purpose built to meet the demands of vehicle showrooms, repair workshops and small service stations who expect high results. This machine is ideal for the shortest of wash bays. The ultimate wash technology for cost-conscious operators.

SoftCare Pro Classic

The SoftCare Pro Classic is your gantry car wash with a modern design that offers maximum performance, exciting functions and high functionality. This top-grade vehicle wash technology is perfect for modern wash bays and vehicles.

SoftCare² Pro

softcare2 pro.PNG

SoftCare² Pro caters to all your customers' needs. Whether insect removal, thorough wheel rim cleaning, powerful high pressure or perfect drying results – choose from numerous innovative functions and designs to offer your customers an exceptional washing experience.

SoftCare Juno


The SoftCare Juno dual gantry system with four wheel washers and dual driers ensures exceptionally short washing and drying times. A hall length of only 9 metres is sufficient for washing vehicles up to 5 metres long, completely clean all round!

SoftCare² Juno


The SoftCare² Juno is the turbo amongst the gantry car washes. Through the optimised use of 4 washers and 6 dryers, the double gantry system copes with up to 18 cars per hour.

SoftCare CombiWash


The CombiWash is the ultimate touch free and brush wash system in the market today. The CombiWash is the perfect system for everyone looking to position their washing business in the top quality segment. Exceptional results delivered every time.

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