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SofTecs® Gentle Wash Material

Kind to paintwork for a lasting shine.

SofTecs² is a revolutionary wash material developed in Germany, and used by the worlds leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Created from a special non-porous material, it’s guaranteed to be the safest way to wash vehicles. Even safer than hand washing!

SofTecs² material is not only the safest way to wash a vehicle but it will actually enhance the gloss and shine due to its soft fiber characteristics and buffing motion.

Made from a soft chamois like, non-porous material, it can’t retain any type of dirt particles, guaranteeing a safe wash. Often copied, never duplicated!

Gentle wash

Without leaving brush marks on the vehicle paintwork.


Long-lasting shine

The vehicle paintwork retains its shine even after countless washes.

Greater sales potential

The integration of the pre-wash into the washing programme justifies higher prices.


Enhanced cleaning performance 

The finer filaments of SofTecs² wash cracks, gaps and edges more efficiently.


Long service life

Up to 50,000 washes.

A certified quality product.

As an ISO9001/2008 Certified Quality product, SofTecs material is manufactured according to world-wide standards and customer’s demand.


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