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Car Kleen Service

Our business is vehicle washing.

Our business is vehicle washing and we’ve made it our business to know it better than anyone else in our market. 


Car Kleen New Zealand is the authorised distributor of WashTec Automatic Vehicle Wash Equipment and Mark VII Self Serve and Touchless Equipment, the world’s leading vehicle wash manufacturers, for the New Zealand market.

We offer our customers a total turnkey solution to ensure their success in one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries in New Zealand. As part of our unique expertise we are able to offer more than just the right equipment, chemicals and consumables. We have a nationwide team of trained technical engineers who, through dedication and preventative maintenance, ensure that our growing network of clients enjoy a reliable up time of over 99%.

We have a national coverage including a fully equipped service team in all major centres throughout New Zealand. Our 24 hour national toll free customer service line will be answered by our trained customer service team who ensures a 15 minute response call for any emergency.

Our unmatched service promise is not to just ensure your equipment enjoys minimal downtime, but to ensure your equipment is professionally installed and commissioned, with ongoing preventative maintenance to provide you with a hassle free vehicle wash business. 

To ensure we achieve our service promise, our central call and service centre, located in Auckland, operates with a state-of-the-art service and maintenance computer application, maintaining a complete history on our entire network of clients. Our service offer begins with the following fundamentals:

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week toll free customer support hotline

  • 15 minute call response to all emergency calls

  • Above 99% up time

  • Full range of consumable products 

  • Full chemical range stocked in both the North and South Island warehouses

  • Equipment spare parts kept in Car Kleen service centres throughout New Zealand

Car Kleen New Zealand is focused on maintaining and providing a superior service with dedicated commitment to both our suppliers and customers. Our clients range from major oil companies and vehicle distribution centres to motor vehicle dealerships and independent operators.

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