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Marketing and design services

The marketing program tailored to you.

Without an effective marketing program to attract customers you're loosing business to competitors. Car Kleen's proven marketing programs have been developed by in-house marketing and design professionals and are available to every Car Kleen customer no matter what. Let Car Kleen tailor a marketing program specifically for your site. 

Brand creation

The Car Kleen marketing and design team are fully experienced in branding and identity, and will create an image for your business that will stand out from the crowd and ensure your business credibility and success.

Communicate your:

  • Business offer

  • Product or service offer

  • Product or service value

  • Customer target type

  • Level of business professionalism 

  • Expectation of service standards

  • Expectation of product standards

  • Overall level of quality

Website creation & Management

Work with Car Kleen to create an exciting website for your business! 

Creation and management includes:

  • Brand specific designed website

  • Website in desktop and mobile formats

  • Updating of website and content

  • Offer your customers exclusive promotions

  • E-commerce/online store options available

Speak to us today about your new website!

Logo and artwork design

The Car Kleen marketing and design team have the creativity and expertise to work with you to develop effective logos and artwork to drive customers to your business. Our in-house graphic design team are at your disposal, working directly with you to design:

  • Logos

  • Site signage

  • Point of sale signage and material

  • Media advertising

  • Billboards

  • Building and wash-bay design

  • Marketing and promotional artwork

  • Brochure and flyer design

  • Customer material

Event coordination

The initial success of your business will depend on an effective grand opening. By launching your business with an opening event you attract the attention of your local market and begin developing a loyal customer base.

Your marketing and promotional events include:

  • Business offer

  • Grand opening events

  • Birthday promotions

  • Charity and fund raising events

  • Special product or service launches

  • Special events

Promotional activity

Turn your wash service into a profit centre!

The Car Kleen marketing and design team will develop, create and design your promotional activities - tailor made for your business and market.

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