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WashTec Plus Management

A virtual technician on every site.


The car wash business is going digital, and WashTec Plus gives you maximum functionality and efficiency. The WashTec Plus car wash management system will turn your machine into an enjoyable experience, whether it's for reordering chemicals or recognising equipment malfunctions, WashTec Plus will monitor your car wash and avoid car wash downtime. 

WashTec Plus monitors and reports on your car wash machine in real time, sending error codes and reported issues direct to Car Kleen so prompt action can be taken. Less downtime, more profit!

The WashTec Plus management system offers a new way of controlling your vehicle wash machine in real time such as:

Chemical monitoring
View the chemical levels in your machine and take control of chemical ordering and inventory.

Error reports
WashTec Plus notifies Car Kleen of critical errors from the car wash, allowing prompt action and determining the fix before we're on site! View current and historical error reports from your machine anytime.

Reset procedures
Due to the error codes shown in real time, Car Kleen are able to reset your car wash remotely without the expense of a technician. 


Machine settings
Want to change a wash cycle, pricing or add features? WashTec Plus allows the changing of machine settings remotely. View machine electrical details to diagnose current and future problems, sensor operations and more!

Wash totals
View your machine wash total and gain a better understanding of your customers.

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In Europe, WashTec Plus has been instrumental in facilitating the management of both manned and non-manned vehicle wash locations to deliver superior machine up time and reduced maintenance costs. 

WashTec Plus can be used on multiple vehicle wash sites.

Speak to Car Kleen today for more information and modification of WashTec Plus for your site!

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