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MultiFlex Brushing System

Perfect cleanliness for every hatchback.


Many car wash customers know the problem. Sloping hatches of small, compact cars and SUV's are not properly clean, even after washing. This is because many standard side brushes do not reach problem areas such as below the rear spoiler. The solution goes by the name MultiFlex by WashTec. The multi-dimensional side brush adapts flexibly to the slanting rear. The result - better shine for your customers and even better sales for you.

Innovative technology in detail

A revolutionary idea, as simple as it is efficient. The MultiFlex side brush pivots backwards when washing the rear of the vehicle. It presses itself flexibly onto the slanting side, which it washes with maximum vehicle contact. Right under the rear spoiler and into the bumper recess. Hatchbacks finally get cleaned properly!


Laterally flexible

In the usual way with WashTec gantry car washes, the side brushes press flexibly against the vehicle's side contour. The first pass is completed this way.


Tilted at the rear

At the rear end of the vehicle, the side brushes are pivoted backwards and wash the rear section in this tilted position. Vehicles with a straight, high rear (eg. vans) do not trigger the tilting of the brushes.

View MultiFlex in action below!

MultiFlex: Perfect cleanliness for every hatchback

MultiFlex: Perfect cleanliness for every hatchback

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