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Codax Activation System

The sophisticated point-of-sale for your site.


The Codax Activation is a sophisticated car wash point-of-sale system, yet very simple for staff to operate. The system consists of a console unit for issuing PIN code wash tickets to customers, and an entrance keypad for validating use of the car wash.

The Codax Activation System represents state-of-the-art technology designed & developed in the UK. It is used by many global companies, and is specifically designed for complete control with the ability to monitor audit trails.

All of your equipment and other services can be programmed into your point-of-sale system and presented through menus in the way your staff find most intuitive. When a sale is made, the point-of-sale system requests the appropriate type of code from the Codax unit.

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  • Easy to use for all your customers

  • Step by step instructions on screen display at wash entrance 

  • Purchased tickets can be set for validity up to 30 days

  • Full audit capabilities and history tracking

  • Completely secure and accountable 

  • Records transactions for numerous different wash programs

  • Can be integrated with other equipment on site, such as vacuums etc 

  • End of shift sales reporting

  • Month end reporting

  • Annual and life reporting

  • Optional remote resetting/restarting

  • Optional voice greeting and instructions for access stand at wash entrance

  • Optional barcode printing format

Detailed reporting features include:

  • Transactions and totals for each wash program

  • Sales and total sales for each wash program

  • Transactions for other site equipment (integrated with Codax)

  • Sales for other site equipment (inegrated with Codax)

The compact Codax Point-of-Sale terminal incorporates a fully functional key pad for accessing menus, system set-up, sales and reports. The unit comes complete with an in-built printer to issue PIN tickets (barcode optional) and produce informative and details reports.

Sleek and compact, the Codax Access Terminal, located at the car wash entrance, is simple in design for ease-of-use by your customers. As an option, the access terminal can also be set up with a fully programmable voice module to give greetings and instructions to your customers.

Additonal access terminals can be integrated into other equipment on your site for alternative payment methods for your customers and greater controls over other equipment/service sales.

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