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SoftCare Juno Automatic

Four washers. Two driers. Zero time loss.

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Wash, wax and dry in 2.5 minutes! The SoftCare Juno is currently the fastest gantry-type car wash on the market giving you high turnover washes at peak times. Offering unique performance at high speed, the SoftCare Juno brings high performance into your washing business with 4 washers and 6 dryers - washing and drying in just 2.5 minutes.


  • SofTecs brushes - gentle to paintwork

  • First-class washing results every time

  • Available in 2 different widths and 7 heights

  • High-pressure systems

  • The SoftCare Juno is ideal for over 1,200 washes per month

  • FlexStream - the roof drier for highly efficient drying of all vehicle areas

  • Remote data transmission with SMS technology

  • Turbo nozzles - for an intensive pre-clean with a powerful high pressure jet

  • A 4 washer, 6 drier double gantry machine

View the SoftCare Juno in action below!

SoftCare Juno

SoftCare Juno

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