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JetWash Self Service System

Compact. Flexible. State-of-the-art.


The number one priority for any car wash business is reliability. The Jet Wash is the result of over 20 years of continual design improvements. Each component has been extensively field tested to bring you the world's most reliable self-serve vehicle wash products.

Give your customers programmable options with enticing inserts and a two-digit display showing your customers how much time they purchased and the time remaining.


  • Each self-contained unit is configurable for 1-4 bays

  • Rotating arms for guns or lance

  • Small footprint to fit easily through equipment room doors

  • Adjustable nozzle flows

  • Direct drive motors run smoother and require less maintenance

  • Payment systems - manual or electronic

  • VFD's allow pump speed to be adjusted by wash function

  • Stand and lance on ground

  • Injection technology for precise control over chemical applications

  • Payment terminal can be wall mounted or pedestal


  • High pressure soap and wax

  • Low pressure pre-soak, tire cleaner, wheel cleaner and bug cleaner

  • Bubble brush, triple foam, foaming conditioners and spot free rinse

  • Bay meter boxes accepting coins, tokens, bills and credit cards

  • 180 and 360 degree booms in both premium and economy versions

View the JetWash in action below!

JetWash: Self-service car washes - impress your customers

JetWash: Self-service car washes - impress your customers

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